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Every September, we open a special Trainee program focused on CNC machining. Are you a student of this or a similar field who is finishing school this year? Let’s get in touch! You can start a life career with us.
Just send your CV to with “Trainee program” as a subject. The selection procedure always takes place from June to mid-August. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


A six-month training in the position of CNC is the best start of your career. You will get acquainted with the machining process and operation of various CNC machines.


During these 6 months you already are our employee with a corresponding financial evaluation and all benefits. There is quite a lot of them!


Upon successful completion of the program, a salary increase, a standard employment contract and a great job in our friendly team will be awaiting you.

Success stories (of your future colleagues)

MARTIN SOBOTKA – My great start

“After two years, I can say I chose very well. I have vocational certificates as a locksmith and a metalworker, and then graduated at an industrial engineering high school. I had a job offer from Prague where my uncle lives, providing a background for start, but I chose Solar Turbines in my region and I know I made the right choice. “

Eventually, Martin would like to get to a higher position. “I’m attracted to programming, for example. I really like this job. Moreover, I see the possibility of career growth. The financial conditions are also very decent, I am just extremely satisfied. Not all of my friends can say that.”

RADEK ŘÍHA – My friends envy me

Today, at twenty-one, Radek has been a regular employee for ten months, extremely satisfied with the job.

“When I talk to my friends about work, for example at football or over a glass of beer, they quite envy me where I ended up. Our company has a great name in our region. According to the experience of others, the team spirit, friendship and help of others are hard to find somewhere else. I’m very well paid but that is not the only reward. We all care about a good thing. It’s our business card to be proud of our work and our products.”

MARTIN MESTEK – If I see that someone has a problem, I will help

Martin had worked for seven years in an aircraft engines factory in Pilsen, but as he says, he found the best place for himself in the industrial zone in Bitozeves near Žatec.

“Seven years ago, I got a new job here. Since then, I’ve met some wonderful people. We like to explore the surroundings—teambuilding is a part of our work, but also fun,“ says the metalworker.

Martin works the morning shift as a leadman in grinding turbines. That satisfies him but he knows that he can go higher on the career ladder.

Schools we cooperate with:

Střední škola technická, gastronomická a automobilní, Chomutov

Střední průmyslová škola a Střední odborná škola gastronomie a služeb, Most

Střední průmyslová škola a Vyšší odborná škola, Chomutov

Střední škola technická, Most 

SOŠ a SOU Hořovice

SOŠ a SOU Hlinky

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